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JUNE 2017 | Tarragona

The cruise ship ‘Aurora’ pays its first visit to the Port of Tarragona

The cruise ship ‘Aurora' from the P&O company (Carnival UK) will dock at 8:00 am tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th, at the Port of Tarragona’s cruise ship terminal located on the Llevant sea wall.

This is the first time that this cruise ship will call at the Port of Tarragona, and it is already the ninth cruise ship to visit the region in 2017. The ship will arrive in the Port of Tarragona on route from Almeria with 1,800 passengers on board, and will sail for Saint Tropez at 4:00 pm the same day.

JUNE 2017 | Tarragona

The cruise ships 'Costa neoRiviera' and the 'Windsurf' visit the Port of Tarragona tomorrow

Tomorrow the Port of Tarragona’s cruise ship terminal will undergo two operations simultaneously, with more than 1,500 passengers visiting the region

The cruise ship Costa neoRiviera returns to the cruise ship terminal tomorrow Friday, on its second visit since the start of its operations from the Port of Tarragona. Costa Cruceros gave the green light on Friday June 2ndfor the new route that starts and ends in the Port of Tarragona. During this season, the cruise ship Costa neoRiviera will visit Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada on 17 occasions with more than 25,000 passengers on board.

APRIL 2017 | Tarragona

The Silver Muse calls on the Port of Tarragona on her Maiden Voyage

Aboard the cruise ship were four hundred travel agents and international journalists who had gone on an exclusive tour of the Ferrari Land theme park prior to the inauguration

The luxury cruise ship Silver Muse, the flagship of Silversea Cruises, moored yesterday in Port Tarragona on its maiden voyage.

FEBRUARY 2017 | Tarragona

Costa Cruises promotes Tarragona as base port for cruises

Costa Cruises presented the start of operations in Tarragona.

The company has chosen the Port of Tarragona as base port for one of its routes through the Mediterranean Sea. This way Tarragona is positioned as port of arrival and departure for cruises and a destination to receive European cruisers.

SEPTEMBER 2016 | Tarragona

Tarragona Cruise Port welcomes the first cruise ship operation as a home port; “Viking Sea”

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada received the cruise ship “Viking Sea” this weekend, which was the first operation as a home port. The ship berthed at the cruise terminal at midnight on Saturday 3rd September with 900 passengers on board, mainly North

Once the cruise ship berthed at the Port of Tarragona the passengers disembarked during the course of Saturday night. The following morning, Sunday 4th September, another 900 passengers boarded “Viking Sea” to begin their route around Mediterranean ports. The cruise ship was berthed at the Port of Tarragona all day on Sunday, so the cruise passengers were able to enjoy a whole day to visit the area as they wished. The ship set sail from the Port of Tarragona in the early hours of Monday morning.

AUGUST 2016 | Tarragona

The Floating City “The World” chooses Tarragona

The largest residential and exclusive yacht in the world visited Tarragona during the weekend.

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada has become a premium cruise destination. An example of this reality is the two-day stay that the biggest residential and exclusive yacht in the world has just made in Tarragona, The World, a true floating city that sails throughout the year with 160 families on board. All being the owners of the different luxury rooms travelling around the world without leaving home.

JUNE 2016 | Tarragona

Tarragona Cruise Port consolidates itself as an exclusive Mediterranean destination

After three years of intense work to attract cruise ships to Tarragona it is already positioning itself on the cruise map and into the programming of the main shipping companies.

Companies such as The World, Azamara, Silversea, Crystal, Oceania, Windstar or P&O, among others, have chosen Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada as a destination due to the fact that it offers a wide range of interesting excursions and also because Tarragona can boast international recognition as a Heritage Site of UNESCO in which the archaeological site of the ancient Roman Tarraco, the medieval monastery of Poblet and Castells (Human Towers), one of the most genuine and unique cultural events in Europe, are recognized by UNESCO.

JANUARY 2016 | Tarragona

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada consolidates as a cruise ship destination

After three years of hard work to attract cruise ships to the city, Tarragona is now on the cruise ship map of its target cruise lines.

New cruise terminal in the Port of Tarragona Currently, the cruise ships which arrive at the Port of Tarragona moor at the cruise ship terminal located on the Levante quay, which can accommodate ships with deeper draft, whilst the smaller cruise ships (with less than 140m draft) moor in the facilities of Marina Port Tarraco, located on Tarragona port's promenade.

DECEMBER 2015 | Tarragona

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada ends the season with 11,600 passengers (+83% growth)

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada is reaping the benefits of its commercial strategy initiated three years ago and is consolidating its position as an exclusive international cruise ship destination in the Mediterranean.

During 2015, 11 cruise ships have moored at the cruise terminal in the Port of Tarragona, located on the Llevant wharf, with 11,600 passengers on board. These figures represent 83% growth on last year, and the forecast for 2016 is even higher.

OCTOBER 2015 | Tarragona

The Corinthian visits the Port of Tarragona for the second time in 2015

The luxury cruise ship Corinthian will visit the Port of Tarrgona tomorrow, for the second time in a month. The ship, with a hundred passengers on board, will become the ninth cruise ship of the season in Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada.

The Corinthian sails under the Maltese flag and is 72m long. It will moor tomorrow in the facilities of Port Tarraco at approximately 7.00am, and will depart for Málaga at 8.00pm. The majority of the high-spending passengers are North American.


Tarragona Cruise Port welcomes the Costa Favolosa with 3,200 passengers on board

The Costa Favolosa of the Costa Cruceros line moored in the cruise terminal of the Port of Tarragona this Sunday 13th September with 3,200 passengers and 1,003 crew members on board.

The cruise ship set off on its tour of the Western Mediterranean on 11th September, and arrived at the Port of Tarragona from Marseille at about 9am. After visiting Tarragona the cruise ship sailed to Malta, where it arrived at 6pm. The ship was built in 2011 and has 1,508 cabins.


The archeological ensemble of Tarraco declared Universal Exceptional Value

UNESCO has declared the “Archeological Ensemble of Tarraco” of Universal Exceptional Value

The decision, made by the World Heritage committee at their last meeting which took place in Bonn, declared that Tarragona's heritage is of exceptional significance over and above the national limits and of relevance for present and future generations of all humanity.


Tarragona Cruise Port receives the cruise ship “Riviera”

The “Riviera” is the fourth cruise ship of the season and will make a stopover in the cruise ship terminal of the Port of Tarragona

The cruise ship, of the Oceania Cruises line, with 1,250 passengers on board; mainly American and British; is the fourth cruise ship of the season in Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada.


Tarragona Cruise Port welcomes the third cruise ship of the season

The cruise ship “Thomson Dream” visited Tarragona on 7th August, for the second time this year.

The ship moored at 7am in the cruise terminal of the Port of Tarragona, located on the Levante dock, with 1,610 passengers on board. The “Thomson Dream” arrived in Tarragona from the port of Sète (France), and departed in the early evening, headed for Palma de Mallorca.


The cruise ship Thomson Dream makes a stopover in the Port of Tarragona with 1,500 passengers

The cruise ship Thomson Dream of the Thomson line will visit Tarragona tomorrow, Friday 12th June, for the first time, with almost 1,500 passengers on board.

Arriving from the port of Sete in France, the ship will moor at 8am in the cruise ship terminal in the Port of Tarragona, located on the Levante dock, and it will depart, heading for Palma de Mallorca, at 6pm.


The Azamara Quest launched the cruise ship season in the Port of Tarragona

The cruise ship “Azamara Quest” of the Azamara cruise line visited Tarragona for the first time this weekend, with 700 passengers on board; this is the first cruise ship of the season in the Port of Tarragona.

The ship moored on Friday afternoon in the cruise ship terminal in the Port of Tarragona, located on the Levante dock. It arrived from Nice (France) and was in Tarragona until Saturday when it set sail for Malaga. The stay of the “Azamara Quest” was longer than usual for a cruise ship in Tarragona; this exceptional overnight stay meant that the passengers could take their time to enjoy the city and the experiences that Tarragona has to offer during the day and at night.


Tarragona Cruise Port is planning new cruise pier facilities, to be operational in 2018

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada is hoping to receive about 8,000 passengers in 2015, a significant increase on the almost 2,000 passengers of the previous year.

Tarragona Cruise Port presents itself as an exclusive destination, and international cruise destination in the Mediterranean, committed to a diverse tourism strategy to attract premium and luxury shipping companies which want to offer the best and most interesting destinations. The forecast of the Port of Tarragona for this year is to receive 8,000 passengers.

DECEMBER 2014 | PortAventura

PortAventura Resort and Cirque du Soleil sign an agreement to collaborate over the next 5 years

“Amaluna” will be the new touring show for summer 2015 in PortAventura Resort

PortAventura Resort and Cirque du Soleil have signed a 5 year agreement to establish a summer touring base for the world famous Canadian entertainment company in the resort. The deal envisages that Cirque du Soleil's big top will stage a number of different touring productions, the first of which will be “Amaluna”, which arrives in Europe for the first time next year.


Santa Tecla Festivities Tarragona 2014

Santa Tecla is the celebration of the festival, the festival of Tarragona. A participatory festival that dates back to 1321 and in 1996 was declared a "Traditional Festival of National Interest" by the Generalitat of Catalonia and the 2002 "Fiesta of National Tourist Interest" by the Spanish government.


Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada consolidated as the Mediterranean destination to be discovered at Seatrade Med

The brand Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada makes a very positive evaluation of its presence at Seatrade Med 2014, the most important cruise line event in the Mediterranean, which took place in Barcelona from Tuesday until today. More than 3,000 professionals and experts from the cruise line industry participated in this international fair, where Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada presented its potential as a cruise line destination to the main travel agents of the world.


The cruise liner Horizon calls at the Port of Tarragona with over 1,500 passengers on board

The cruise ship “Horizon” of the French Pullmantur/Croisières company visited Tarragona for the first time last Saturday, 30 August, with 1,529 passengers on board. The ship moored in the morning at the cruise terminal of the Port of Tarragona, located on the Llevant wharf, arriving from the Port of Almeria (Spain), and departed for Marseille (France) in the afternoon.


Tarragona City of Castells (from 24 June to 5 October 2014)

The second edition of Tarragona, A City of Castles includes the main castellers with a program of almost 50 events that will go from Sant Joan to Castells Competition.

The second edition of Tarragona, a city of castles, an initiative that last year started cautiously and for a week proved the phenomenon to bring towers to the people of the city that is not part of the "colles" as well as tourists in order to boost the image of Tarragona of a city tower.


International Competition of Fireworks Ciutat de Tarragona 2014

The 24th edition of the international competition of Fireworks "Ciutat de Tarragona" has been presented.

The city of Tarragona live the International Competition Fireworks "Ciutat de Tarragona". This year's event will feature four nights of competition , three by pyrotechnics nationwide and in charge of a foreign company.


MED-PCS Conference Improving Maritime Transportation Efficiency, 19 June 2014

The MED-PCS Conference will be held in the conference room at the Tarragona Port Authority next 19 June 2014. The Conference is organized by the MED-PCS Project (Promotion of "Port Community System" in Mediterranean Traffic), leaded by the Port of Tarragona. This Project is co-financed by the MED Program of the E.U.


Kick-off for Barcelona World

The way is open for BCN World. El Parlament de Catalunya (Parliament of Catalonia) has amended the Law that governs Recreational and Tourist Centres, an essential step in launching the macro-tourism, commercial and leisure project that will be built in Vi

From a political point of view, the plan has got off to a good start by overcoming what originally appeared to be a difficult obstacle: widespread agreement based on a pact between CiU and PSC and the partial support of ERC. Another key element has been the negotiating effort of BCN World CEO, Xavier Adserà, who has managed to gain the confidence of the Govern, the parliamentary groups, local authorities and social agents.


Sea Cloud II arrives at Tarragona Cruise Port

Passengers have come to Tarragona to partake in the province’s attractive enotourism opportunities

The sailing vessel Sea Cloud II arrived yesterday at the Port of Tarragona’s facilities with 90 passengers on board. This is the first cruise of the 2014 season to dock in Tarragona, and it is the first time the Sea Cloud II has visited the province of Tarragona to take advantage of its enotourism offer.


TARRACO VIVA the Tarragona Roman Festival (from the 5th to the 25th of May 2014)

TARRACO VIVA turned on the most ambitious Roman Festival edition with 800 events in 20 days.

Tarraco Viva is an international cultural festival dedicated to and specialising in spreading the history of Roman times. The festival will land on Monday, May 5 in the city and will run until twenty days later, with the aim to live the history of 2.000 years, which through the recreation groups and workshops, gastronomy, etc... come to offer 800 events in three consecutive weeks.


Tarragona dTapas and Tarraco Tapas (from 25th of April to the 11th of May)

The city of Tarragona is hoping to find a niche among destinations chosen for their gastronomy, by promoting itself through events such as Tarragona dTapas 2014 and Tarraco Tapas. From 25 April to 11 May you can enjoy almost 50 small-sized dishes during the 6th edition of Tarragona dTapes. This event will feature participation by 45 establishments located in three areas of the city: Serrallo, Centro and Parte Alta. These tapas will be offered at a price of €2.50 with a beverage included.

APRIL 2014 | La Vanguardia (digital version digital), 2/4/14

Hard Rock will build its largest installation of Europe in BCN World

Hard Rock will construct its largest installation of Europe in the complex of tourism and recreation of the cost of Tarragona, BCN World, Xavier Adserà, who has specified that the group from the United States will be assigned the second resort of the six that the project driven by Veremonte is planning. At a breakfast conference of PWC in Barcelona, he explained that the international groups are ’reluctant’ to announce investments until the Parliament has approved the law that would allow BCN World, regulating the urban planning approach, the gaming activity in the area and the gaming taxes, which will be possible after the agreement between CIU and PSC, he pointed out.

MARCH 2014 |

Ferrari Land to be established in Spain. A new branded theme park within PortAventura

PortAventura has reached a licensing agreement with Ferrari S.p.A. (“Ferrari”) to establish “Ferrari Land”, a new theme park dedicated to the global brand of Ferrari within the PortAventura destination resort near Barcelona, Spain.

The new branded site (expected to open during 2016) will be the sole Ferrari theme park in Europe and will envisage a total investment of more than €100 million. Ferrari Land will be built on a total surface area of 75,000 square meters and benefit from several rides (including the highest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe), a new premium hotel with 250 rooms and 5 star service, restaurants, shops and large simulation areas for car racing.

MARCH 2014 |

The Port of Tarragona Promotes its New Cruise Ship Project at Cruise Shipping Miami

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada is the result of a new commercial strategy seeking to convert the Port of Tarragona into a major destination for the cruise ship industry

Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada represents the launch of a new project that will be introduced at the international Cruise Shipping Miami trade fair, which is being held from 10-13 March in Miami Beach. This presence will allow the new brand to be introduced to a wide range of major travel agencies at the international level.


Tarragona Cruise Port Costa Daurada, a new and surprising tourist destination on the Mediterranean

The region of Catalonia known as the Costa Daurada, and its capital, Tarragona, located about 100 km south of Barcelona, will undoubtedly prove to be one of the cruise destinations to watch closely in coming years.

Over 2,000 years ago, the area had already been discovered by the emperors of the Roman Empire as a holiday destination for its warm climate, its rich cuisine, and its natural beauty. This area, with its rich past and current day splendour, will be a rising star in the international cruise market in 2014, and has now launched its own brand. Tarragona Cruise Port is the result of a new business strategy which aims to make the Port of Tarragona a real alternative for the millions of passengers who cruise the Mediterranean every year, visiting well-known, predictable, and often saturated tourist destinations.


Cirque du Soleil and PortAventura present Kooza

World-renowned circus raises its iconic big top tent for the very first time in Europe’s leading destination theme resort

PortAventura, December 5, 2013. Next summer, Cirque du Soleil will present KOOZA, an adrenaline rush of acrobatics in a zany kingdom, at Europe’s premiere destination theme resort, PortAventura. Thanks to the agreement signed between both companies, the show, with a daily spectator capacity of over 2,400, will run at the resort during the summer months in 2014.

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